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Hurricane High School

  • Hurricane High School

  • South West Corner

  • South West View

  • 2nd Level Cafeteria

  • Cafeteria

  • Football Field South East Corner

  • Front North West

  • Front Entrance

  • Front Doors

  • Football Field Facing West

  • Football Field Facing Pine Valley Mountain

  • Stairs 2nd Floor

  • Tennis

Important Events

  • January 27 (Thursday)

    HHS Parent/Teacher Conference

  • February 18 (Monday)

    Teacher Prep Day (No School)

  • February 21 (Monday)

    President’s Day (No School)

  • March 14-18 (Monday-Friday)

    Spring Break (No School)

  • March 21 (Monday)

    Teacher Prep Day (No School)

  • April 15 (F), April 18 (M)

    Spring Recess ( No School)

School Calendar


HEADING TO STATE! So proud of these girls and all their hard work. We are so excited to see what they can do! Let’s do this!!

How To Pay Student Fees:


Hurricane High is now using TouchBase to pay fees online. 
MySchoolFees will no longer be used.

The TouchBase portal is accessed through your Parent PowerSchool Account


To access the TouchBase Portal:

  1. Sign in to your Parent PowerSchool Account
  2. Select your student from the tabs at the top left.
  3. Using the Navigation bar at the left of your screen, scroll down until you see “Purchases & Payments”
  4. You will be taken to a screen where you can click on your student, then pay fees, see payment history, and more. If you have any questions – contact our Finance Secretary Kristine Hirschi –

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National Letter of Intent
Tylee Davis (UVU) It’s official! Ty
signed with UVU for track and field!
She’s super excited! Thanks to
everyone who came and supported her, it meant so much!❤ 

Hurricane took FIRST in sweeps at the Beaver debate tournament

For the 5th year in a row, Hurricane took FIRST in sweeps at the Beaver debate tournament. We won by 74 points which is almost double the points of the runner up. 

Kai Demedicis – 2nd Best Dam Beaver
Alicen Arnold – 6th Dramatic Interps
Kai Demedicis – 1st Humorous Interps 
Benji Durkin – 5th Story Telling
Alicen Arnold – 3rd Story Telling
Kai Demedicis – 2nd Story Telling 
Nathan Elison – 5th Oratory
Aidan Gates – 2nd Extemp
Esther Wright – 3rd Informative 
Silvia Medina – 6th Poetry 
Lily Lohrey – 3rd Poetry 
Lydia Ireland – 1st Poetry 
Kai Demedicis – 6th News Anchor
Anthony Nelson & Will Reeve – 5th News Anchor 
Alex Bracken & Nathan Larkin – 3rd News Anchor
Anthony Nelson – 6th Character Spar
Alex Bracken – 5th Character Spar
Kai Demedicis – 1st Character Spar
Lydia Ireland – 3rd POI 
Lily Lohrey – 1st POI 
Alex Bracken – 1st Spar 
Lily Lohrey – 2nd Impromptu 
Will Reeve – 5th LD
Logan Sanger – 4th LD 
Anthony Nelson – 3rd LD 
Lily Lohrey – 1st LD 
Ben Ludolf & Nathan Elison – 5th PF 
Isis Freiberg & Silvia Medina – 2nd PF 
Alex Bracken & Nathan Larkin – 1st PF 
Robert Howard & Vienna Dunn – 3rd Policy 
Sarah LaBaron – 4th Congress 
Kai Demedicis – 1st Congress 
Aidan Gates – Best Chair Congress 
Huge congratulations to everyone who competed!

2021 Hurricane

High School Graduation 
Date: Wednesday May 26th 2021
Time: 9:00AM
Place: HHS Football Stadium 


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Hurricane High School events.
Tickets that are available will be offered on the Box Office link above.  Follow the link below and purchase the tickets as soon as they come available.

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    (4)  Hours each day 
    Intervention: Monday & Tuesday
    Wednesday and Thursday Friday


    1st or 5th: 8:10 – 9:33
    Passing – 9:33 – 9:38
    2nd or 6th: 9:38 – 11:04
    Lunch 11:04 – 11:44
    3rd or 7th: 11:49 am – 1:12
    Passing – 1:12 – 1:17
    4th or 8th: 1:17 – 2:40


    1st or 5th: 8:10 – 9:25
    Passing – 9:25 – 9:30
    Intervention 9:30 – 10:00
    Passing – 10:00 – 10:05
    2nd or 6th: 10:05 – 11:20
    Lunch 11:20 am – 12:00
    3rd or 7th: 12:05 – 1:20
    Passing – 1:20 – 1:25
    4th or 8th: 1:25 – 2:40


    1st or 5th: 8:10 – 9:09
    Passing – 9:09 – 9:13
    2nd or 6th: 9:13 – 10:11
    Passing – 10:11 – 10:16
    3rd or 7th: 10:16 – 11:13
    Passing – 11:13 – 11:18
    4th or 8th: 11:18 – 12:15


Stay up to date on all that is going on in the Hurricane High Daily announcements are posted here.

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