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Clifford, Craig : Teacher (Automotive)

Clifford, Craig | Teacher (Automotive)

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Dilworth, Lane : Teacher (Welding)

Dilworth, Lane | Teacher (Welding)

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Gumucio, Kylie : Teacher (Graphic Arts)

Gumucio, Kylie | Teacher (Graphic Arts)

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Imlay, Michelle : Teacher (Family and Consumer Science)

Imlay, Michelle | Teacher (Family and Consumer Science)

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Johnson, Tral : Teacher (Woodworking)

Johnson, Tral | Teacher (Woodworking)

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Losser, Grace : Teacher (Ceramics)

Losser, Grace | Teacher (Ceramics)

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Miller, Skyler : Teacher (PE/Medical Anatomy)

Miller, Skyler | Teacher (PE/Medical Anatomy)

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Neeley, Nathan : Teacher (Physics)

Neeley, Nathan | Teacher (Physics)

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Niccolls, Angie : Teacher (FFA Ag Science)

Niccolls, Angie | Teacher (FFA Ag Science)

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Vick, David : Teacher (Chemistry/Physics)

Vick, David | Teacher (Chemistry/Physics)

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Vick, Anthony : Teacher (Computer Programming)

Vick, Anthony | Teacher (Computer Programming)

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