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HHS Fight Song

Fight Song (1st Verse)

We will cheer never fear for our triumph near
As we fight for Hurricane High.
When the team begins we are bound to win
As the Blacks go tearing by.
As they go never slow through the fighting foe
We will roar for the score loud and long.
And we’ll fight right to the finish as we sing our fighting song:


We will fight, fight, fight if we’re winning.
We will fight, fight, fight if we lose.
Every player knows when the whistle blows
We can fight whenever we choose.
We will fight, fight, fight in the morning.
We will fight, fight, fight all the night.
We are bound to win today as we battle in the fray,
We will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

2nd Verse:

Life’s a game just the same when we fight for fame
With a will to do or die.
There is toil and strife in this game of life,
But the vict’ry’s by and by.
As we go to and fro in the world we know
We must fight for our right clean and strong.
And we’ll win our every battle as we sing our fighting song:
(Repeat Chorus)


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