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“Preparing Students for Life”

MISSION STATEMENT (Why we exist): “Preparing Students for Life”

* Creating a culture of emotional and physical well being.
* Fostering a  growth mindset.
*Working as a professional learning community to improve student learning

Ten areas of commitments…
“We commit to…”

Providing a Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (the “must knows”) in each course of study, based on core standards, so that each student knows what they are expected to learn.

Employing the use of “Best Practice” teaching methods to provide a variety of Instructional Strategies and relevance to students.

Being a Professional Learning Community by Collaborating in our curriculum areas, departments, committees, and cone sites, and by focusing our collaboration on the FOUR PLC Critical Questions.

Providing a school Culture that is caring, supportive, engaging, safe, open, loyal, and transparent.

Open, professional, and frequent Communication between faculty, students, and parents, so that all are well informed and so that relationships of trust can be established and maintained.

Providing and maintaining a clean, safe Physical Environment by showing respect for all facilities and by teaching and ensuring that all others do the same.

Being Data Driven in our instruction by providing ongoing Common formative and summative Assessments that are aligned with national and state standards, and by collectively analyzing student data to meet learner needs and improve professional practices.

Identifying students who are not mastering specific standards and then providing effective, focused, and timely Intervention programs that allow students multiple and varied opportunities to learn the “must knows” in each class.

Holding High Expectations for student achievement and character; guiding them to make responsible choices for their lives and the learning process; and helping them to become life-long learners who effectively communicate and who are productive citizens.

Being a High Quality Staff who act with professionalism and integrity, who stand as role models and examples, who build students up, who work as team players, and who guarantee total commitment to the educational process.