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Poetry Contest Winners

2022-2023 WINNERS

1st Place: “Strange” by Grace Chamberlain

2nd Place: “Pure as Glass” by Anna Gundestrup
Honorable Mention: “Pills” by Kaitlin Lewis

Honorable Mention: “Procrastination and I” Lillian Welsh

Honorable Mention: “Waiting Room” by Nicole Bennett

2021-2022 Winners

1st Place: “Writing a Poem for Poetry Herself” by Kayla Neilson

2nd Place: “Dying House” by Anna Gundestrup

3rd Place: “Mr. and the Mrs. Ms. and Miss” by Lydia Ireland

Honorable Mention: “I Want to Be…” by Cooper Andersen

Honorable Mention: “Obsolete” by Kaylee Betts

Honorable Mention: “Silence” by Grace Jamison