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Athletic Coaches

Reddish, Pepper : Coach (Girls basketball)

Reddish, Pepper | Coach (Girls basketball)

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Rafael Novoa Meneses : Teacher (Boys and Girls Soccer Coach)

Rafael Novoa Meneses | Teacher (Boys and Girls Soccer Coach)

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Huntsman, Heather : Cheerleader Advisor

Huntsman, Heather | Cheerleader Advisor

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Armstrong, Philip : Teacher (Wrestling Coach)

Armstrong, Philip | Teacher (Wrestling Coach)

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Hurst, Chris : Coach (Softball)

Hurst, Chris | Coach (Softball)

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Langston, Todd : Coach (Boys Basketball)

Langston, Todd | Coach (Boys Basketball)

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Olsen, Sherree : Coach (Cheerleader Advisor)

Olsen, Sherree | Coach (Cheerleader Advisor)

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Pearson, Steve : Teacher (Baseball Coach)

Pearson, Steve | Teacher (Baseball Coach)

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Prince, Boyd : Teacher (Track)

Prince, Boyd | Teacher (Track)

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Rahde, Gavin : Coach (Tennis)

Rahde, Gavin | Coach (Tennis)

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Rowland, Keturah : Coach (Track)

Rowland, Keturah | Coach (Track)

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Walker, Jeani : Athletic Trainer

Walker, Jeani | Athletic Trainer

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White, Kirstin : Coach (Volleyball)

White, Kirstin | Coach (Volleyball)

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