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Tracking your teen’s driving hours just got easier. You can quickly log and track their hours digitally from your phone using our new web app. To start, click here or use the QR code below to access the web app. Then, when your teen spends time behind the wheel, simply add that time to the tracker and watch it deduct from the total time. Once they’ve accrued their 40 hours, you can use the tools provided to download the tracking information for easy submission. For best results using the tracker, make sure you consistently use the same browser. Our tip, make the web app a bookmark that you can access right from your phone’s home screen. 

For your convenience in revisiting this log, add it to your phone’s home screen:

For iPhone:
  1. Open the Safari app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Share icon in the bottom toolbar.
  3. Scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen.
  4. Tap the Add button in the top right corner.
For Android:
  1. Open the Google Chrome app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  3. From the drop-down, select Add to Home Screen.
  4. Tap the Add button in the bottom right corner of the prompt.
  5. When prompted, the Add to Home Screen button in the bottom right corner.


Text “Drive” to (435) 710-7373 for biweekly text messages that will help you teach your teen the skills needed to avoid the critical errors that are common with new drivers. You can opt out at any time by texting “STOP” to the same number.