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The Debate Team competed at the Region 10 Tournament this weekend and placed 2nd overall! Our entire team qualified to move onto state!

Aidan Gates – 2nd Domestic Extemp 
Alex Bracken – Finalist Impromptu 
Esther Wright – 2nd Informative
Lily Lohrey – Finalist Interps 
Kai Demedicis – 1st Interps 
Aidan Gates – 2nd Congress
Kai Demedicis – 1st Congress 
Logan Sanger – 3rd Lincoln Douglas
William Reeve – 1st Lincoln Douglas
Nathan Ellison and Ben Ludolf – 3rd Public Forum
Nathan Larkin and Alex Bracken – 2nd Public Forum
Great job to everyone that competed and get ready to crush it at state!



Another awesome win for the debate team at our tournament over the weekend! 


Aidan Gates – 3rd Domestic Extemp 
Anthony Nelson – 5th Spar
Logan Sanger – 4th Spar 
Logan Sanger – 3rd Impromptu 
Nathan Elison –  5th Oratory 
Ben Ludolf – 4th Informative
Kaylee Betts – 2nd Dramatic Interp 
Kai Demedicis – 1st Dramatic Interp 
Kai Demedicis – 2nd Humorous Interp 
Silvia Medina – 5th POI
Lily Lohrey – 2nd POI
Lydia Ireland – 1st POI
Gracelyn Robbins – 5th Poetry 
Lily Lohrey – 4th Poetry 
Lydia Ireland – 2nd Poetry 
Kinley Richardson & Brooklyn Gimmalva – 5th Big Questions 
Sarah Lebaron – 4th Big Questions 
Robert Howard & Vienna Dunn – 3rd Big Questions 
Ben Ludolf & Nathan Elison – 2nd Public Forum
Benji Durkin & Robert Howard – 5th Policy 
Lily Lohrey – 5th Lincoln Douglas
Anthony Nelson – 3rd Lincoln Douglas
Logan Sanger – 2nd Lincoln Douglas
Lydia Ireland – 5th Congress
Aidan Gates – 4th Congress
Kai Demedicis – 2nd Congress
Aidan Gates – Best Chair Congress



For the 5th year in a row, Hurricane took FIRST in sweeps at the Beaver debate tournament. We won by 74 points which is almost double the points of the runner up. 

Kai Demedicis – 2nd Best Dam Beaver 
Alicen Arnold – 6th Dramatic Interps
Kai Demedicis – 1st Humorous Interps 
Benji Durkin – 5th Story Telling
Alicen Arnold – 3rd Story Telling
Kai Demedicis – 2nd Story Telling 
Nathan Elison – 5th Oratory
Aidan Gates – 2nd Extemp
Esther Wright – 3rd Informative 
Silvia Medina – 6th Poetry 
Lily Lohrey – 3rd Poetry 
Lydia Ireland – 1st Poetry 
Kai Demedicis – 6th News Anchor
Anthony Nelson & Will Reeve – 5th News Anchor 
Alex Bracken & Nathan Larkin – 3rd News Anchor
Anthony Nelson – 6th Character Spar
Alex Bracken – 5th Character Spar
Kai Demedicis – 1st Character Spar
Lydia Ireland – 3rd POI 
Lily Lohrey – 1st POI 
Alex Bracken – 1st Spar 
Lily Lohrey – 2nd Impromptu 
Will Reeve – 5th LD
Logan Sanger – 4th LD 
Anthony Nelson – 3rd LD 
Lily Lohrey – 1st LD 
Ben Ludolf & Nathan Elison – 5th PF 
Isis Freiberg & Silvia Medina – 2nd PF 
Alex Bracken & Nathan Larkin – 1st PF 
Robert Howard & Vienna Dunn – 3rd Policy 
Sarah LaBaron – 4th Congress 
Kai Demedicis – 1st Congress 
Aidan Gates – Best Chair Congress 

Huge congratulations to everyone who competed!



Desert Hills Tournament – 2nd Overall

The debate team took 2nd overall at the Desert Hills Tournament last weekend!
Aidan Gates – 2nd in Congress
Alex Bracken & Nathan Larkin – 2nd in PF
Ben Ludolf & Nathan Elison – 1st in PF
Lily Lohrey – 1st LD
Robert Howard & Ray Angulo – finalist in Policy
Lydia Ireland & Esther Wright – 3rd in Policy
Sarah LeBaron and Vienna Dunn – finalist in Big Questions
Ben Ludolf and Kinley Richardson – finalist in Big Questions
Alex Bracken – 1st in Big Questions
Nathan Larkin – finalist in Spar
Esther Wright – finalist in Extemp
Aidan Gates – 1st in Extemp
Lydia Ireland – finalist in Interp
Lily Lohrey – 3rd in Interp
Will Reeve – finalist in Impromptu
Lily Lohrey – 1st in Impromptu




The debate team took 1st overall out of 50 schools at Skyhawk Smackdown! 
Aidan Gates – Extemp 3rd 
Lily Lohrey – POI 3rd 
Rachel Hardy – Novice Poetry 5th 
Vienna Dunn – Novice Poetry 3rd 
Hanna Lloyd – Novice Poetry 1st 
Lily Lohrey – Varsity Poetry 3rd 
Lydia Ireland – Varsity Poetry 2nd 
Hanna Lloyd – Novice Declamation 2nd 
Aidan Gates – Varsity Declamation 2nd 
Kai Demedicis – Humorous Interp 3rd 
Anthony Nelson – Character Spar 5th 
Alex Bracken – Character Spar 3rd 
Alex Bracken – Spar 5th 
Isis Freiberg – Impromptu 3rd 
Kai Demedicis – Congress 1st 
Lydia Ireland and Esther Wright – Policy 5th 
Silvia Medina and Isis Freiberg – Public Forum 4th 
Nathan Elison and Ben Ludolf – Public Forum 3rd  
Alex Bracken and Nathan Larkin – Public Forum 2nd 
Huge congratulations to everyone who competed!




“The debate team took 1st overall at the Dixie Tournament this weekend! 
Aidan Gates 1st Congress
Logan Sanger 3rd LD
Lily Lohrey 1st LD
Benji Durkin and Lydia Ireland 3rd Policy
Nathan Larkin and Alex Braken 3rd PF
Ben Ludolf and Nathan Elison 2nd PF
Isis Freiberg 3rd Impromptu
Lily Lohrey 2nd Impromptu
Aidan Gates 2nd Domestic Extemp
Lydia Ireland 3rd SPAR
Lily Lohrey 2nd SPAR
Ben Ludolf 1st SPAR
Congratulations to everyone who competed!”